Kayak Rentals Marco Island

To those who dig the tropical life, nothing beats the thrill of paddling in the shimmering waters that lead to Kice Island. What’s spectacular about Kice Island is the fact that it is totally uninhabited and accessible only by Kayak. To top it all, it is a veritable paradise for those interested in collecting shells of the most exquisitely beautiful kind. Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to head to one of the many Marco Island Kayak rentals and organize a watercraft to take you across to the resplendent Kice Island. While Marco Island itself is quite spectacular with its fantastic beachside resorts, for those who would want to retreat to unspoiled nature, the way God meant it to be Kice Island is that place.

There is something serene and otherworldly about uninhabited places that makes one understand what communing with nature is truly about. The bewildering array of the most exotic and achingly beautiful shells that you can come across here, is unlikely to be found elsewhere. The shores of Kice Island are practically yours, in that there are hardly any crowds to bother you. Add to that the piles and piles of exquisite shells that you can rummage through while there, you will have an experience that will fill your soul with joy.

There may have been a time before rampant commercialization made the major tourist destinations all seem the same that pristine, raw, and virgin destinations like Kice Island were more common. But, unfortunately, such places are rare now, and getting to visit Kice Island is a privilege that one is surely lucky to have. The good news is that it is quite easily accessible for anyone who wants to visit. So get here already.

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