“The golf capital of the world” has a hidden wild side, including its beautiful and raw tropical nature. To explore the forests of Naples and Marco Island along with the local biologists cum guide will be the most awaited part of your tour when you have rented your kayak package in advance. Marco Island Kayak Rentals is offering kayak rentals at Marco Island to visitors who are fond of nature and into wildlife exploration.

Marco Island is not only famous for sea beaches but also the identical natural hotspots and other adventurous activities. The picnic gardens, boating, fishing, learning sailing are also vital elements of visitors’ ”to do” list.
The Kayak tour packages in Marco Island Kayak Rentals come with kayak tours over 10,000 islands including Rookery Bay reserve. The rides are mostly for individuals who are fond of nature, love photography or addicted to discovering different perspectives of nature. The beautiful city of including Marco Island’s nature and gulf courses is an attractive tourism spot to the tourists and explorers from different corners of the world for a reason. Kayaking is one of such fun activities that enrich Marco Trip and also done for exploring the island including Naples.

The kayaks are available for rent on different timeslot bases. The boats and kayaks come with kayaking instructions methods, as well as first aid backups, to execute a safe and secure kayak tour to our guests.

Naples and Marco Island Kayak Rentals

Kayak tours are the most relaxing way to communicate with nature while enjoying the pure tropical forests. Packages in Marco Island Kayak Rental and Packages includes free delivery! for the guests who want to enjoy solo kayak tour in their own way, without tour guides. The kayak can also be delivered to the launching places in Naples and Marco Island as required. The tours can be customized with or without a tour guide. The rental packages come on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis as per the explorer’s requirement.