Marco Island Kayak Rentals

Marco Island Kayak Rentals

If you are somebody who loves nothing more than cutting across a quiet expanse of inviting waters in a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard then the Capri Paddlecraft Park in Collier County is the place to head to. Over there you get access to the splendid Mcllvane Bay skirted by a shallow mangrove that lets you observe the wildlife from the quiet backwaters with Marco Island Kayak Rentals.

This whole area is a boating enthusiast’s paradise and there obviously is no dearth of places that you can Rent a kayak in Marco Island , canoes, and paddleboards. The Capri Paddle Park itself is replete with facilities like a boat ramp, picnic huts, and restrooms.

Then there are many miles of protected waters surrounded by a large mangrove forest with its unique flora and fauna. If you desire some peace in the lap of pristine nature, the Capri Paddle Park will not disappoint you. The place is as serene and relaxing as it could possibly get. All you need to do is to go there and rent any kind of non-motorized watercraft.

Boating in the waters of a mangrove forest is an experience quite unlike, what one would have had elsewhere. Imagine weaving and maneuvering your paddleboat under the overhanging branches of the low clumps of trees constituting the mangrove forest. The thrill that provides you is something else altogether and one that you will likely never forget. You will find little coves here and there with their own little ecosystem comprising of both bird and animal life.

The Isle of Capri Paddle Park sure is a haven for those who wish to be far from the madding crowds and in the midst of nature at its most pristine. Come visit for an unforgettable experience.

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